Video blog detailing History of Saptagram & Hindu Resistance of Tribeni

#GaudiyaWarriors today’s programme dedicated to the great poet & Bengali nationalist thinker ‘Chhander Jadukar’ Sri Satyendranath Dutta mahashay. Kumbha Mela , History of Saptagram Kumbho Mela & as well as ‘History of Mukta Beni -Triveni’ in hindi. We usually know ‘Yukta Beni’ or Prayagraj as Tribeni Sangam. But did you know that there is another Triveni in the lower reaches of the Ganga? According to Hindu mythology,Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet at Prayagraj, so it is called ‘Yukta Beni’, and the three rivers Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati separate again in the Saptagram area of ​​Bengal. Hence it is known as ‘Mukta Beni’. Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Kumbh Mela was also held at Saptagram. But now there are no more three rivers in Saptagram area and Kumbh Mela is also closed.But what is the bloody history that led to the closure of such a popular festival?Why did the three rivers dry up? In this video we have discussed that unknown chapter of history. 0:47 Description of Tribeni & Saptagram 1:55 Spiritual Significance of Tribeni 3:36 Sublimity of Tribeni in Religious Scriptures 4:52 Mention of Tribeni-Saptagram in Native & Foreign Scriptures 6:26 Financial, Educational & Religious Prosperity in Saptagram ~ Hindu Resistance in Tribeni ~ 7:36 Battle of Mahanad 9:05 Battle of Saptagram 10:02 Orissa Invasion of Hussain Shah 10:32 Battle of Tribeni 11:46 Ganga Stotra Path #Tribeni#KumbhaMela#Saptagram#TribeniKumbhaMela#Triveni#WestBengal#HinduCulture#Kumbh2022#KumbhMela2022#mahakumbh#mahakumbhmela

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